If you don’t follow these rules in Germany, you’ll be in big trouble

Well known for cars, beer and its rich history, Germany is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. Romantic Road, the Wine Route, the Castle Road, and the Avenue Road are some of the popular tourist routes, while over 40million of tourists visiting Berlin each year. However a large number of tourists fall in trouble in Germany due to various wrongdoings. Today you will be learning 7 rules you need to follow in Germany to make your trip a remarkable experience. 

1 Don’t use Hitler and Nazi signs and gestures

It’s a big NO to use any Hilter and Nazi signs and gestures. It is a criminal offence and you will be facing a huge fine and jail time.

2 Don’t try yourself to be overly friendly

Germans take time to build up trust and become friends. Don’t be try to look yourself overly friendly as it will be taken as fake.

3 Be punctual, don’t be late

Germans value time and have great importance to be punctual. It is a unacceptable to be late and is taken as a disrespect. When you are meeting someone, make sure you’re on time. If you are going to be late, inform them in advance.

4 Don’t stare at people

Germans are very attractive and you may feel like looking at them. But avoid staring at people as it is taken as rude.

5 Don’t wish happy birthday in advance

When it comes to birthdays, Germans are very superstitious. Wishing happy birthday in advance is taken as a bad omen. Therefore wish on the day or after the day. Never before the birthday!

6 Don’t jaywalk

It is prohibited to Jaywalk. You may find in trouble.

7 Avoid talking about Money, War and Refugees

Avoid conversations on income and about war. Also bringing up topics on refugees is a NO. Avoid talking on these sensitive topics, especially if you don’t know the person well.


One last point.  You have to pay a deposit on bottles when buying drinks. Don’t throw away empty bottles. Return them back to the supermarket next time you visit and get the deposit refunded.



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