You will be considered rude, if you don’t follow these rules in Japan

Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, is a must visit destination for every traveller. Being ranked as one of the top holiday destinations, Japan is the home to around 20 World heritage sites.  Today we will tell you 5 things you have to know before visiting Japan.

1. No shoes inside someone’s house

The most important thing you need to remember is to remove your shoes when entering a house. It is considered as an honour to be invited to someone’s house and you are expected to follow this rule. Barefoot is not acceptable, you need to be wearing socks or you would be provided with slippers at the door.

2 Bow and handshake as a greeting

It is customary in Japan to bow as a greeting. Lower the bow, higher the respect. Nowadays, some would handshake while bowing. But if you are a male and greeting a female, never offer a handshake. Instead bowing is the acceptable greeting. When bowing, remember to keep enough distance to avoid bumping heads. 🙂

3 How to make payment at cashier

It is unacceptable to hand over cash directly to the cashier, when there is a cash tray is kept. It is kept so the customers can keep their money for the payments.

4 Wear surgical face masks if you get sick

A well known fact about Japan is they care for others. They work hard and work as a team to uplift their economy. If one get sick with a cold or something, he/she would wear a facemask to avoid spreading their sickness to others. Therefore, they are expecting the same from you, or else, it would be considered rude.

5 Never give someone these as a gift

Never give gifts with numbers 4 and 9, and they suggest death and torture respectively. Nothing related to fire is acceptable. So no cigarette lighters! For wedding gifts, scissors, knives or even glassware are not acceptable. So when giving gifts, you need to remember those.


Remember to follow these rules, so your trip to Japan will be an unforgettable experience. 🙂


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