Interesting facts you would have never heard of “Australian Coffee Culture”

Whether it is Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia. There is one thing common throughout Australia. It is the irresistible Coffee Culture. If you meet someone for the first time, whether at Office or outside, it is not surprising to be invited for a coffee. Today we will be talking about 4 interesting facts about the Australian Coffee Culture.

1. Unique Australian Coffee Culture

Australia has its unique coffee culture, very different to America or Europe. Although having an instant take away coffee in a freezing Winter morning is common in major cities, Australians love to enjoy a quality cup of coffee as well. Many tourists would wonder looking at hundreds and hundreds of cafés filling all the laneways in the major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney.

2. Domination of independently owned cafés

Although there are hundreds of Gloria Jeans or Coffee Club cafés, Around 95% of the cafés are independently owned. Each Australian would be loyal to his or her own preferred café. This is due to the fact, these independently owned cafés would offer their own unique experience, different to each other.


3. Coffee Breaks

It is very common to see espresso machines in workplaces. While enjoying a cup of coffee talking about previous night’s footy match is the way to start any small talk whether you meet for the first time.

4. Failure of Starbucks in Australia

The American café giant Starbucks couldn’t crack the Australian market. Introduced in 2000s to Australia, Starbucks soon found itself making huge losses and forced it to close down over fifty of its cafés or sell out to competitors such as 7-Eleven. Compared to Gloria Jeans, Coffee Club and 7-Eleven which have over hundreds of cafés, Starbucks only operate in major cities with around 34 locations.


Hey mate, wanna grab a coffee?



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